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Converging Job Happiness with Brain Science

Does being in a better mood translate to better performance on the job? Absolutely, says positive psychology expert Shawn Achor, CEO of GoodThink, Inc., who posits this view in book, “The Happiness Advantage.” more>

Avoid Workplace Turnover by Creating Emotional Ownership

In today’s competitive environment, the success of a financial institution is due, in large part, to the expertise and skill of its employees. more>

What’s In Store for 2015: A Message from the Council Forum Chair

The CUNA Councils have big plans for the year ahead and we're excited you will be part of them. more>

Employment Law Update

The arrival of a new year allows the time and luxury for obtaining some perspective. Where have we been and where are we going? What have we done and what will we be doing? What happened and what might happen? more>

Part-Time Employees: Smart Play or Added Expense?

Recently someone shared with me their teenage son averages over $20 an hour working part time bussing tables at the local BBQ place... They are still taking applications even though they pay at that rate. I can meet you there later today . . . more>

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